Little Tim’s Little Story

“Tim is stuck in a pit mom! I need help to get him out.” I shouted at the top of my lungs.

Tim is my best friend and what I love about him the most is that he is shy, almost always. Tim and I have been friends since 8 years now. Well, we’re planning our 9th birthday party that we’ll soon celebrate. So, practically we’ve been friends almost all our lives.

“Clint! What were you boys doing out there? I told you to not cross the fence while playing!” my mom yelled on her way out from the kitchen in hurried efforts of helping Tim.

Tim and I were playing in the backyard with our dolls and cars. Tim loves dolls and I love cars. However people always tell him that he should be playing with superheroes and not dolls. We don’t get the “adult’s” logic and we hardly care. We love how our dolls travel in the car and make a grand entry at the movie premiere.

“Mom! hurry! Tim is getting scared.” I yelled back as she went in to find something that would help Tim come out of the pit.

We were playing our usual game where Tim dresses up his doll and I polish my car. Later we pretend to take Tim’s doll out to her movie premier in her favorite car. Sometimes our stories change and other times we like to stick to our favorite movie premiere story.

“Clint! Help me! It’s dark in here, it’s scaring me!” a shaky voice from within appeared as mom and I were struggling to choose between a ladder and a rope.

Dance, coloring, and dressing up were the kind of things Tim enjoyed the most. On the other hand, I loved to be his guest, so I practiced the dance moves with him and let him dress me up in my mother’s scarlet colored scarf, Victorian hat, and a pearl white purse.

“Goodness gracious! How are you Tim? Are you hurt? Do you feel fine? Tell me what happened?” Mom cried out like a scared lamb.

Clint and I were playing in the backyard and suddenly he started forcing me to play with Laida’s doll that he stole from school today. When I said no, he said he had a new game to play that he recently invented. He brought your stole, purse, and a hat and started dressing me. When I retaliated, he pleaded to play this game at least once. After giving it a thought I said, “Okay, but only on one condition, if you return Laida’s doll tomorrow and never again play this game.” Clint got furious and pushed me in the pit, that’s how I landed there.

“No mom! He is lying!” I cried.

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