TV Has Taken A Backseat While The Internet Takes On The Wheel

Twice every week I go to learn the Tabla, with kids that are so young that they make me feel ancient. These kids are between 6 to 13 years of age and heavily into online games and YouTube videos. The striking difference between their childhood and mine is always quite evident.

Last week I was amazed by a 9-year-olds’ reaction to the fact that 25 years ago there were no cell phones. He refused to believe that my generation did not grow up playing games online or indulged in interactive videos on YouTube.

This got me thinking what my childhood was like, where did we find our entertainment? My immediate thought was TV and outdoor games. Lack of space in urban cities and popularity of the internet has almost put an end to outdoor games like hide and seek, and hopscotch. But what went wrong with the TV? TV still exists and is widely used. So, what happened to all the kid centric channels and shows? I wondered why these kids aren’t watching the television as much my generation did.

That’s when I researched on this topic (online) and figured kids between 7-16 years of age spend 3 hours every day online and 15-16-year-old teenagers spend 4.8 hours online. These children barely spend 2.1 hours on Television that has gone down from 3 hours in the year 2000.

Availability of on demand shows wide range of videos in all categories and freedom of choosing the time and place of entertainment has put Television on the backseat. The emergence of tablets and easy availability of internet in every corner of the house led kids to opt the internet over television. Approx 67% of the youngsters own Tablets and prefer watching their favourite shows online way before they’re released on Television.

According to this year’s survey conducted by Simon Leggett, Childwise research director – “TV viewing has been redefined. Growing access to the internet at any time and in any place and a blurring of television content across channels and devices brings a landmark change in behaviour this year. Children are now seeking out the content of their choice. They still find traditional TV programmes engaging but are increasingly watching them online and on-demand or binge watching box sets.

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Raj Weighing Heavy on Raj – Question is Which One?

Raj Thackeray Interviewed by Rajdeep Sardesai

Prescript: This is a college assignment in which we were asked to pick one interview from the internet that does not involve a Bollywood celebrity, and analyse the interview based on SWOT analysis.

Hailing from Mumbai, and paying heed to my new found interest in MNS, I decided to pick Raj Thackeray’s interview taken by Rajdeep Sardesai from CNN – News 18.
This interview was posted on Youtube on 18th April 2014. Editor-in-chief of IBN 18 Rajdeep Sardesai interviewed MNS’s chief Raj Thackeray, where he was asked questions like – Whether he (Raj Thackeray) backs Narendra Modi. Will his stand on anti-North Indians ever die down?

This interview is 40 minutes and 14 seconds long and was hosted around the time of 2014’s Lok Sabha Election under the title – Election Special interview.

Strength – The host openly admitted in the beginning of the interview that their guests are the newsmakers. In this interview, Raj Thackeray was the ‘newsmaker.’

A banner with the word ‘Exclusive’ was flashed throughout the interview. This was a great way of reminding the audience time and again that this was an exclusive interview with Raj Thackeray.

Every controversial statement made by the man of the hour was instantly turned into banners and flashed on the screen throughout the interview. This was a smart way of building intrigue in the audience especially the ones who tuned in late.
Rajdeep did not get intimidated by Raj Thackeray on several occasions. This showed his experience and skills at handling a powerful personality live on camera.

Rajdeep was smart enough to not take offence when Raj Thackeray lost his calm a couple of times.

Weakness – Rajdeep on more than a couple of occasions failed to maintain his decorum while addressing Raj Thackeray.

It appeared that Rajdeep tried too hard to get out controversial statements to build up show’s TRPs.

The questions asked in a 40 minutes show were quite limited. Re-phrasing the same questions triggered anger in Raj Thackeray who threatened to leave the interview incomplete.

Raj Thackeray was cut in the middle of his answers on several occasions which he clearly didn’t appreciate.

Opportunity – Rajdeep’s presence of mind helped him to take on every statement by Raj Thackeray and counter question him until he got satisfactory answers.

Rajdeep’s beating around the bush helped him get Raj Thackeray to admit that he was open to have a conversation with Shiv Sena and end the interview on a high note.

Although the interview was focused on topics related to Lok Sabha elections, Rajdeep found a way to slip in other questions that weren’t Lok Sabha specific. This got Raj Thackeray to say he would do two more interviews to discuss other topics when the time was right.

Threats – Pushing a politician too much to get them to admit or speak about things they don’t wish to could be threatening as the channel could lose any future exclusives with them.

Pointing fingers and high pitched tone while questioning can make a negative impression.

The mid frame that showed clippings of Modi and Udhav Thackeray was distracting and moved the focus from the interview.

This was my analysis of the above interview. Do leave your suggestions, feedback and your version of SWOT analysis in the comments below to help me better my analysis in the future.

It’s Time! Secularism Should Become An Official Religion

You know what’s the best part about travelling and exploring the world? If you have travelled then you do, and those of you who haven’t, this one is especially for you.

I’m afraid what I’m about to tell you might just shatter your feelings but No! The best part about travelling is not finding Instragram worthy posts. It’s okay; take a moment to let that sink in.

Now that we got this out of our way, let’s hop on to the real deal. So I was born in Palghar, a small village on the outskirts of Mumbai. Fortunately I was only born there; my parents raised me in a popular suburb of Mumbai. I said fortunately, because I take pride in the fact that I come from THE cosmopolitan city of India. I went to a convent school and my first two friends at school were Muslim, and Parsi. I was constantly surrounded with classmates from different religions and backgrounds.

I grew up praying to Jesus every morning, then praying to Ganpati Bapa every evening while simultaneously hearing the Adhan calls. Every year I celebrate Diwali, Christmas, and Eid. Honestly, the latter is just about eating Biryani and Sheer Khurma.

As I grew through my teenage years and entered the young adult phase, my personal life complications kept me so occupied that I forgot to address God, religions, and form an opinion on the same. All these things just existed in the background. On the foreground however, my belief in God kept decreasing. I didn’t pray daily, I didn’t visit temples and I became agnostic. I couldn’t decide whether God existed or didn’t. I didn’t even try to understand Hinduism, let alone our fellow religions and their significance. By 23 I had quite a handful of friends but they all were Hindus, maybe one or two Christians. Remember my Parsi and Muslim friends from school? Well, over the period of time I lost touch with them too.

I was quite indifferent towards any religion. In fact I even occasionally blamed people’s annoying behaviours on their religions/castes. I did that because their stupidity would fit perfectly in all the stereotypes I had heard about all the castes and religions. Heard… not experienced.

To be honest I had become too lazy to care and understand why the world was divided based on their faith in God, why people were at war, and why were religions a defining factor. Until one day when I magically and quite unexpectedly landed in an African Muslim country. How and why was it magical and unexpected? That is a story for later. Today, I’ve sat down to write about what my time in Egypt, and travelling across the country taught me on a deeper level.

I met people from all across the globe who’d also come to Egypt to work and travel. My friends are from Brazil, Georgia, Tunisia, Columbia, Germany, Mexico, Kyrgystan, Spain, Jordan, and Canada. I lived with a few of them and we exchanged our ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and learning. However, three months out of the four, I lived with a bunch of Egyptian girls; A bunch of Egyptian girls… that’s a bunch of Arabic Muslim girls. That’s a bunch of girls who wore veils every time they stepped out of the house, and read Quran five times a day.

To be honest, before I flew to Egypt, I had inhibitions about Muslims. No offence, and nothing personal but the fear media, and society had ingrained in me, led me to believe it’s a territory I wouldn’t dare to explore. I was better off living in the dark, believing what I was told by filtered sources. And then there I was, willingly moving in with these wonderful girls.

Honestly, the most comfortable I felt throughout my time there was with my Arabic Egyptian friends. I could connect with them without even understanding their language. We ate the same food, lived in the same house, used the same washrooms, and slept in the same bedrooms. We had similar insecurities, fears, and worries. Our core values were the same. Our parents taught us to not disrespect people, to be compassionate, honest, caring, independent, bold, smart, value education, build careers, and not just have opinions but also voice them. Through my Egyptians friends I made some more Egyptian friends, and by the end of my stay I had more Egyptian friends than I have Indian friends.

They told me about Allah, the teachings of Quran, why they wore veils, why was fasting so important during Ramadan, and how was praying five times a day changing their lives. By now I know as much about Islam as I know about Hinduism and Christianity. I learnt a lot of life lessons in those four months; it wasn’t all flowers and rainbows but I’d still without a doubt say it was the best time of my life.

This time for the first time during Ramadan, I was more aware of why half the world was strictly fasting during the day. I ate the delicious Iftari with a sense of familiarity of where it was coming from. I’m still an agnostic, but only this time I am more aware of different religions and have finally formed my personal opinions.

For a change, after a long time in the midst of all the hullabaloo of my city, I paid close attention to the call of Adhan. It took me back to the memories of the Adhan I heard five times daily while travelling across Egypt.

So going back to the beginning, the best part about travelling is (without a doubt) realizing the fact that irrespective of our faiths, we’re all just humans, after all.

P.S. Now you know how Adhan called out to the writer in me and awoke the slumber of my blog.

P.P.S. Penning down this post has honestly been quite difficult because of the constant recurring of words like Religions, Castes, Hindus, Muslims, Christians etc. I strongly feel if only the world was a secular place?

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Adhan Awoke The Two Year Old Slumber Of My Blog

Before I start pouring out my thoughts I’d like to thank the rain and internet for finally making me do this.

I sat to write this post, got distracted and decided to hear an old song called Replay by Iyaz. Then found an Alia, Siddharth, and Fawad’s old interview in the suggested video section.

Procrastination is a bitch. But a procrastinator gets f#@ked.

So magically I sidetracked my plans of writing and started watching this video where they spoke about dysfunctional families.

5 minutes into the video, heavy rains temporarily made my Wi-Fi unconscious. This helped to finally shift my focus back on this post and so, here I am.


Honestly, I’m writing this post just to force commitment down my throat. I’ve been meaning to resuscitate my blog for a long time now, and hopefully post this post I will successfully keep it alive. It took me a lot of time, thinking, self motivation, and numerous Adhans to finally reach this stage in life. I’ve decided to ritually dedicate time to my writing without expecting a pay check at the end of the month. Last two years the only time I wrote was when I knew I was getting paid for it. It was simply easier to discipline myself then. However, what I am about to do now is as good as deciding to go on a diet from this Monday.

After 5 months of going back and forth, I have settled upon a semi-steady path for the next two years. I will be in Mumbai, studying Masters in Communication and Journalism. That’s five hours of college, 6 days a week. In my remaining time I intend to continue playing and practicing Tabla for at least an hour daily along with writing. I’m happy to tell you that my ‘someday’ has finally arrived and I’ve decided to revive my blog that has been napping since June 2015.

I’ve taken this as a challenge to inculcate habits that do not promise immediate benefits (pretty much like writing and dieting daily). I think this will be a good way to feel less guilty and more productive in my everyday life. So, in the fit of self-motivation, like every other enthusiastic writer, I have decided to write more on this lovely space that I mother. I hope to receive constructive criticism and support from all of you in this journey.

When I started this blog I intended to put up only fictional stories and poems. However, I’ve now changed my mind and decided to put anything and everything that inspires me just enough to sit down and write in my otherwise lazy life.

To know why particularly it was Adhan that awoke my blog, stay tuned for the next post.

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Bullets Don’t Kill They Die

“Sshh…This is a secret; please don’t tell this to anyone.” I said to the knife while rolling inside the gun. “So you mean to say you’re not in the mood to die today and so you plan to not hit the aim and just fly away in the sky?” Knife confirmed once again before the shooter got the gun ready to shoot me out.

Hi! I’m a Spitzer bullet and I see a lot of my brothers and sisters dying these days. These humans are exploiting us like we’re some flowers meant to be on a grave or the wedding car. But today things are going to be different; I’m in no mood to die.  I love the gun I live in; I hate the shooter who might shoot me out. I don’t know what happens to the aim once we’re fired, because I’m meant to die as soon as I hit the target.

Imagine being in my position, if I work towards the ultimate purpose of my life, then I’m meant to die. This sounds unfair, doesn’t it? But hey! As a bullet I have the liberty of living every once in a while. Wondering how? It’s simple, I just have to miss the target and save myself. Mostly it’s difficult because the shooters are well trained but if it happens to be a practice session, then the luck is in my favor. Oh! It also depends on the wind speed, humidity, barometric pressure, and the air temperature. These things can save my life too.

I have a dream and that is to act in action films. You know how they shoot in the air without aiming at anything in particular? Its fun, looks like a way out to escape in the open. My friends and I are often traded from one shooter to another. Sometimes I belong to the terrorists, sometimes to people who keep me with them just for “self defense” purpose, and other times I belong to the encounter specialists. The hardest part is, I don’t know which destination will be my last. Whether I will be cursed for my work or appreciated for my work.

Anyway, I have decided to escape death today and live a free life, unless of course a tree comes in the way and I’m stuck in the wood forever. Sometimes I do dream of having a glorious death, you know? Either by piercing in the body of a known person or a famous wall, where people can come and see the mark I leave behind.

So the shooter is all set to fire me and I’m all set to be free. Shot!

I can’t control my speed but I’m hoping the wind pressure will help. Today looks like a bright day for me. Yay! I managed to skip the target, wait oh! oh! That’s a bird, no no no…Boom!

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When The Cheese Starts Oozing Out

P.S. (Pre script): Thought and tried to give this post a fictional touch but couldn’t. I figured I’ve got to express my love for John Mayer in the most honest way possible.

It all started a year ago, yes. I’m not an old fan of John, well comparatively. Like many others I only heard two songs of his as a college student. Any guesses? Yep, that’s right! Your body is a wonderland and who says. I never really gave importance to the singer until then and it was always about the song, mainly the lyrics.

A year ago, my then boyfriend told me about how he used one of his songs to impress girls in the past. Well, it’s a beautiful song by John, and I absolutely loved it. In that phase I started listening to more of Mayer’s songs to feel good about the guy and the relationship we shared.  This introduced me to other wonderful songs by John that played in the YouTube’s playlist. Free fallin’, half of my heart, heartbreak warfare, and gravity became my new favorites. I slowly started building memories around these songs. For instance, in my trip to Leh July 2014, I was on a bike riding down the Rohtang Pass, it was cold and serene. I was surrounded with snow clad mountains that twinkled in broad day light due to the beautiful sun rays. I knew in that moment I had to plug in my ear phones and listen to free fallin’. Yes, that’s exactly what I did. That was the best 5 minutes I had in the entire trip.

Every song by John Mayer reminds me of something, something that is extremely important and close to my heart. That’s how I started listening to more of his songs and I was introduced to many other songs that are absolutely perfect in their own way. His songs gave me the strength to go through some really long days. The lyrics of his songs felt like they were meant for me, like he knew exactly how I felt. And before I realized I started growing passionate about a celebrity for the first time. I slowly fell absolutely, madly, and deeply in love with him. I’m never in awe of celebs, but with him it was or rather is different.

I went through a lot of rough time later in that year and his songs were one of the reasons that helped me survive and kept me strong. My days started and ended with his songs, I figured I could watch him play and sing for hours. Those cute (sometimes disturbing) and extremely passionate expressions stole my heart every time I looked at him. I slowly started expressing my love for him on my social media accounts and people started telling about the negative side of him. It was difficult to believe because the image I had rather still have about John is way different.

So I read and felt bad thinking that there was that side to him too. But hell! Who is perfect in this world? Not you, not me or not him. I did feel for a second that I shouldn’t have heard or read the bad side about him. Only because I didn’t want the feelings I have for him to fade away. I have a rule that I almost always follow – Don’t ask the questions you don’t want to know the answers to. I did feel for a moment that I should have stuck to the rule but the grey clouds cleared out soon.

A lot of things were now more than clear. I figured he is just another human who has the liberty to make mistakes and learn from them. We don’t just stop loving someone because they did something bad in the past, right? So, how could I stop loving him? Of course I couldn’t and I didn’t. I soon realized after all he is a big celebrity who will never know about my feelings for him. This obviously means he is not obligated to live according to my perception of John Mayer.

And life made so much sense after that. My love for him taught me the true meaning of love in return. I realized I was in that comfortable stage where I could love someone unconditionally. We often fall in love with the perception of a person in our minds, but it takes real courage to continue loving that person even when the bubble bursts. This is exactly what I learnt from the one sided love that I share with John Mayer.

I’m soon planning to get a tattoo that says – Heart of life is good – with two little cherry blossoms on both ends. It is one of his songs that is also one of my absolute favorites. The song is simple but I believe has the deepest meaning. Life can be shitty but what we really need to believe is that its heart is good. Life has its hard ways to teach some important lessons but it’s all just to make us better humans. The tattoo will be in dedication to this rough phase I had in the fall of 2014, and my love for John Mayer.

P.S. When I feel low about the fact that I don’t have a boyfriend I listen to the song named – Love Soon by John Mayer. It feels like he is singing it for me. *Blush*

P.P.S. Hey John! I really think you should gain some weight. You’re too thin now and that makes you look old. I don’t like it. But I will always love you.

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गले से लगा ले कही

भीड़ भरी सड़क पे चलता हूँ कहीं

और जब लेता हूँ एक मिठीसी अँगड़ाही
पलखे झुकाती हुई देखती है वो हर घडिं

ज़िंदा हूँ मैं यहीं और ज़िंदा है वो भी कहीं

उस दूर बसे किसी जहां में मिलना तो शायद किस्मत में है भी या नहीं

पर ज़रूरी है की आज इस मोड़ पर चलता रहूँ
शायद ये रास्ता लेकर जाये उस जहां में कहीं

ज़िंदा होने की वजह समझ आये तभी
जब मुस्कुराते हुएं वो मेरी खुली अँगड़ाही में गले से लागले कहीं

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