Bullets Don’t Kill They Die

“Sshh…This is a secret; please don’t tell this to anyone.” I said to the knife while rolling inside the gun. “So you mean to say you’re not in the mood to die today and so you plan to not hit the aim and just fly away in the sky?” Knife confirmed once again before the shooter got the gun ready to shoot me out.

Hi! I’m a Spitzer bullet and I see a lot of my brothers and sisters dying these days. These humans are exploiting us like we’re some flowers meant to be on a grave or the wedding car. But today things are going to be different; I’m in no mood to die.  I love the gun I live in; I hate the shooter who might shoot me out. I don’t know what happens to the aim once we’re fired, because I’m meant to die as soon as I hit the target.

Imagine being in my position, if I work towards the ultimate purpose of my life, then I’m meant to die. This sounds unfair, doesn’t it? But hey! As a bullet I have the liberty of living every once in a while. Wondering how? It’s simple, I just have to miss the target and save myself. Mostly it’s difficult because the shooters are well trained but if it happens to be a practice session, then the luck is in my favor. Oh! It also depends on the wind speed, humidity, barometric pressure, and the air temperature. These things can save my life too.

I have a dream and that is to act in action films. You know how they shoot in the air without aiming at anything in particular? Its fun, looks like a way out to escape in the open. My friends and I are often traded from one shooter to another. Sometimes I belong to the terrorists, sometimes to people who keep me with them just for “self defense” purpose, and other times I belong to the encounter specialists. The hardest part is, I don’t know which destination will be my last. Whether I will be cursed for my work or appreciated for my work.

Anyway, I have decided to escape death today and live a free life, unless of course a tree comes in the way and I’m stuck in the wood forever. Sometimes I do dream of having a glorious death, you know? Either by piercing in the body of a known person or a famous wall, where people can come and see the mark I leave behind.

So the shooter is all set to fire me and I’m all set to be free. Shot!

I can’t control my speed but I’m hoping the wind pressure will help. Today looks like a bright day for me. Yay! I managed to skip the target, wait oh! oh! That’s a bird, no no no…Boom!

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